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This Windy Weather & Trekking goes hand-in-hand: Check out excellent adventurous trekking places near you

Hey!! Here are, excellent adventurous trekking places.

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Rainy season is the best season for traveling if legitimate safeguards are taken. Trekking is an adventurous activity and throughout the year trekkers arrange these adventure trips. Also, lots of groups are arranging trekking trips to some famous and beautiful locations. There are plenty of places available for trekking around Mumbai and here we look at a few best trekking spots among them.


This spot is known as ‘Everest of Maharashtra’, and it’s viewed as the best spot ever for adventurers. It is the most noteworthy pinnacle of Sahyadri, 5400 feet above ocean level and offers the best trip. However it is a precarious ascension, in the end, you will have more satisfaction visiting this place. It’s a must-visit place for trekkers, especially in monsoon when the climate is ultimate.


This fort offers experience for experienced adventurers and natural life aficionados. You will witness the best view of the Koyna river from the top of the fort. This fort is preferred by all trekkers, as it gives an awesome experience, especially in the monsoon.


This place is considered to be the most popular and preferred place by trekkers. Beautiful valleys, breathtaking views, and natural beauty are the main attractions, especially in the monsoon. It is only a few hours drive from Mumbai and the vast majority of the Mumbaikars lean toward this spot forñ journeying and a huge number of adventurers appreciate traveling here.

Those were the few best trekking spots near Mumbai, which trekkers can enjoy.

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