MyID Hive Medical ID Bracelet for Diabetes Epilepsy Autism and More – Black Pod (M/L, Black)



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The MyID Hive is a Medical ID bracelet made from lightweight and comfortable medical grade silicone. The Hive is available in a variety of colors to match your unique personality and style. Instead of having just a few engraved lines, this bracelet links to your free online medical profile where you can store an unlimited amount of health info. With 3 access points located on the back, First Responders can easily access your vital health information in seconds. The Hive is our next generation medical ID which was entirely redesigned with the active lifestyle in mind. The band is made from a comfortable silicone material with a simple snap-and-tuck fastener. The MyID Hive will give you peace of mind knowing that you will be safe in an emergency.

Date First Available‏:‎February 20, 2021

More Than Just A Few Engraved Lines: Many health conditions require more than a couple words to explain. Each MyID product links to your online profile where you can store unlimited medical information for free.
3 Access Points: Every MyID product comes with 3 access points making it fast and easy for First Responders to access your profile and health information. All you need to do is Scan, Click or Call.
Notify Emergency Contacts: Once your bracelet has been scanned, your emergency contacts will be automatically contacted.
One Account, Many Profiles: MyID makes it easy to manage multiple medical profiles under a single account—perfect for families and caregivers. Also great for those living with diabetes, autism, & other medical conditions.


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