Nicole set to quell forest fire risk

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -In a fall known for extreme dry and even flash drought conditions word of a soaking rain on Friday is good news to many. Take the foresters who have braved the spring-like warmth while battling brush and forest fires this week. Thousands af acres of charred forestlands have led to a hazy, sky at times. Now as those rains arrive overnight the grim filled roads will turn a bit slimy making for slick travel conditions. Ditto where wet leaves are felled onto roads conditions can be slippery to drive upon.

Now Friday is Veterans Day and there are all sorts of commemorations and parades planned. We know the Huntington parade has been cancelled due to the expected rain. Weather-wise it will rain steadily overnight thru first light of day. Then there is likely to be a window of drier weather in the mid-morning thru early afternoon time period where the clouds break and temperatures soar again. The caveat to this dry window is trying to pinpoint where it occurs. Chances are good that dry window sets up along I-79 and I-77 with the region from Charleston to Hurricane and even Huntington getting in on this dry slot for a few hours. But dry slots must be properly timed and properly situated for an event to enjoy the lull. And that notion my friend can only be determined using the radar trends on Friday morning.

As new rains develop in the mid-late afternoon a surge of heavy rain will make travel thru the I-64 construction zone slow and annoying at best. Next question will be high school football games with drier and windy weather setting in first in Ohio and Kentucky and last from Charleston east into the mountains.

By the weekend chillier air laden with clouds will make for late fall tailgate conditions. A passing rain or even snow shower can frequent WVU or Marshall in an otherwise chilly-dry pattern.

One last word on the rain; namely, lots of leaves have come down this week and where those leaves block storm drains we will see storm culverts back-up. You know that as street flooding! That’s the price to be paid to get rid of the forest fires.

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