Holiday travel ramps up ahead of the Fourth of July weekend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – Whether you are hitting the road, heading on a train, or hitting the airport, officials say holiday travel will be high this weekend.

“We are really excited about the holiday travel season. Ever since we have been recovering from the pandemic, people want to get out and travel again. We are seeing are planes fly very full. Passengers are happy to be getting out of town and do all those things that they haven’t been able to do for the past two years,” South Bend International Airport Vice President of Marketing Julie Curtis says.

At the gas pump, folks are still filling up ahead of Fourth of July and GasBuddy’s Patrick De Haan says the price likely won’t slow down anyone from rerouting their plans.

“There’s few and far between people that are staying home because of high prices. There are a few but demand is still relatively high,” De Hann says.

At the South Shore Line, riders like Emir Frjl says she is ready to revisit family in Naperville, Illinois.

“It’s spend with the family and kids of my family with my son and enjoying Fourth of July. We are always on flight. I’d rather take train and see what’s around,” Frjl says.

But at South Bend International Airport, resident Gillian Vulcao says she is going no where.

“No, no, I’m staying home. I cancelled that trip. I did it for them so they didn’t do for me. I’m too scared. I have a family of six so we were just like we will refuse to be in an airport during the holiday,” Vulcao says.

That’s because Gillian says she spent the last four days traveling back from Florida after several of her flights were cancelled.

“From South Bend to Tampa, we went to Detroit, that flight got cancelled. They rerouted us to Atlanta. My luggage got left behind so I had no luggage when I got there. Then the luggage went on to the original flight and didn’t catch with me for the transition flight with the change flight. So days with it out. We spent more money. Got to get clothes and I was traveling with my daughter at the time. It was a mess,” Vulcao says.

However, when you look up at the board at SBIA, flights are fairly clean and on time. It is a similar sight airport officials say travelers can expect to see throughout the weekend.

“Right now, today, everything has been on time. Everything for tomorrow so far has been on time. We have had great weather. The forecast I think is looking pretty good as well. What people need to remember is that if they do have a flight cancelled, the airlines are going to do their very best to get you where you need to be as quickly and as safely as possible,” Curtis says.

Airport officials advise travelers to check their flight status prior to arriving at the airport in the event flights are delayed or cancelled.

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