Holiday travel in the skies; SHD gives tips on how to prepare

WEYERS CAVE, Va. (WHSV) – Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport (SHD) says they are already in the midst of the busy holiday travel season in its terminals.

“There’s gonna be more crowds at the airports when you’re traveling just make sure that you’re especially nice to your fellow travelers, to the gate agents because we’re all just trying to get where we need to go,” Heather Ream, Director of Marketing and Communications for SHD said.

Ream says they’re expecting things to really pick up Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

COVID-19 has impacted airlines for the last two years, but Ream said passengers are ready to take off and see long-distance friends and family again.

“I think the general public is more comfortable flying even this season than they were last season and reconnecting with their family and friends that they weren’t able to see during the pandemic,” Ream said.

This week two major storms in our area, but Ream said SHD’s crews are prepared to keep the runways clean and planes flying.

“Anytime you’re traveling and winter weather is expected it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your airlanes app whether that’s American’s app or Contour airlines app you can use either one just to make sure there’s no delays,” Ream said. “We don’t anticipate any issues our crews do a really great job clearing any kind of precipitation.”

For tips on traveling through the air this holiday season, SHD said to arrive early.

Ream said at SHD an hour is enough time, but for larger airports, you want to give yourself at least two hours.

“And then allow yourself plenty of travel time on the road too if it’s not the best weather you want to make sure you’re not gonna have issues in the car getting to the airport,” Ream said.

She also said a tip SHD likes to give is always to check the TSA website to make sure liquids are packed properly.

“You can’t take a full water bottle through TSA but we recommend staying hydrated so take an empty water bottle and then you can fill it up in a water bottle filling station at the airport once your get through TSA,” Ream said.

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